Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+ Sunscreen Lotion

Melanoma is Australia’s Cancer and sadly there is no cure!
Having this sunscreen available throughout Australia – we hope to offer awareness, protection, prevention and much needed funds direct to Research for life-saving treatments. We will be donating $1 from every bottle sold to Cancer Research to help find a cure!

Protection + Early Detection = Survival
Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+ Sunscreen
UVA & UVB Broad Spectrum Protection
4 Hour Water Resistant

  • Low Active Ingrediants
  • Fast Absorbing
  • Dry Touch
  • Every Day Use
  • Fragrance Free
  • Moisturising Formula
  • Perfect for Kids
  • Rubs in Clear
  • Sand/Dirt won’t Stick
  • Easy to Apply
  • Low Allergy
  • Contains Vitamin E & Aloe Vera


Buck off Melanoma 50+ 10ml Sachet Buck off Melanoma 50+ 60g Tottle
Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+
10ml Sachet

Size: 10ml Sachet
AUST L: 255692
Unit Dimensions(mm):
5 × 60 × 110
Barcode: 9325603001126
Ctn Qty: 100 Units
Ctn Dimensions(cm):
20 × 15 × 16
Ctn Weight:1kg

Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+
60g Tottle

Code: CBOMUp5CL60
Size: 60g Tottle
AUST L: 255692
Unit Dimensions(mm):
40 × 45 × 125
Barcode: 93547925
Ctn Qty: 24 Units
Ctn Dimensions(cm):
28.5 × 18 × 16
Ctn Weight: 2kg

Buck off Melanoma SPF50+ 250ml Fliptop Buck off Melanoma SPF50+ 1Litre Pump
Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+
250ml Fliptop

Code: CBOMUP5250
Size: 250ml Fliptop
AUST L: 255692
Unit Dimensions(mm):
40 × 85 × 170
Barcode: 93525603001041
Ctn Qty: 12 Units
Ctn Dimensions(cm):
23 × 16 × 20
Ctn Weight:3.5kg

Buck Off Melanoma SPF50+
1Litre Pump

Size: 1 Litre Pump
AUST L: 255692
Unit Dimensions(mm):
80 × 115 × 190
Barcode: 9325603001058
Ctn Qty: 4 Units
Ctn Dimensions(cm):
23 × 17 × 20
Ctn Weight: 4kg


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Ultra Protect® SPF50+ Lotion (AUSTL 255692) MSDS

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